Seek Free MLM–the Key to Picking The Best Network Marketing Companies

When choosing between moneymaking opportunities like the top internet marketing methods, or the best network marketing companies, it’s easy to get caught up into conforming to¬† the condescending attitude many people have towards the latter. Why all the hate towards MLM? When you are the pot, it’s always silly to complain about the kettle. As in:

95% of people in MLM = make little or no money
95% of people in IM = make little or no money

The MLM people look at all the IM failures, and proclaim it’s a sucker-born-every-minute crock, too. Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s a scam. In general, sales related business, of whatever kind, is a high failure rate, high turnover rate industry.

The Best Approach

It is highly suggested that you look at multi-tier affiliate programs online and explore treating it like a network marketing program. That way you don’t spend anything, yet you still get to recruit others012 onto your team and make money in a manner that is internet-based. Despite the name ‘network marketing,’ the emphasis of most of these companies is on offline direct sales, as in in-person presentations or closing of customers. If your company tries to insist upon offline personal labor as your main source of sales, they will steer you away from passive online systems for selling, because they prefer that your direct labor be involved in getting a sale.

Marketing and sales can be merged, or entirely separated functions depending on a particular business, but marketing in my eyes is finding new prospects (e.g., through a car commercial), while sales is closing the prospects (e.g, at a car dealership). The normal internet process is to get people to a website (marketing) whose copy and funnel will lead to the visitor buying something (sales). You will have to decide to go with an internet-based MLM that is okay with this process, or others that demand in-person active sales as the heart of your networking activity.

Free is the Key

Stay away from old-school companies that emphasize a recruiting fee, the high pressure sales session, the whole old-school MLM cult set-up, or other traditional markers of the worst network marketing ops ever. The modern, or best network marketing companies don’t have the pyramid aspect of a recruiting bonus, and are friendly towards letting the sales reps use current IM methods to generate sales and a downline. Several are free to join, so there is no ugly prospect of manipulating friends or family by roping them into spending money, while knowing most will fail. Some examples of the next-generation companies are RegenerationUSA, and NAP.